Dragging Canoe is our semi-sweet red wine made from our Noble muscadine variety. Named after the father of the vineyard’s namesake, Tsali, this wine is flavorful, colorful, and is great by itself, with cheeses or with almost any meal. (750 ml)

Dragging Canoe Dry, also made from our “Noble” muscadine variety, is less sweet, showcasing the natural and rustic nature of the muscadine. (750 ml)


Sweetwater is our semi-sweet white wine made from our bronze muscadine varieties. Named after the city nearby, this wine holds true to its name with its crisp and sweet taste, a wine for lighter fare. (750 ml)

Hiwassee, named after the river flowing from native Cherokee lands in North Carolina, is also a semi-sweet white with its own character and is bottled in cobalt blue. This wine is cool and crisp just like the river for which it is named. (750 ml)


French Broad is a light crisp blush wine with a touch of red from our Noble variety blended with our bronze varieties. It gets its name from another river flowing from Ashville to form the Tennessee River. We market this wine under the tagline “Made You Blush!” (750 ml)


Atala is our white “bubbly” for those festive occasions where only a sparkling wine served in a champagne flute will do! Atala is the Cherokee word for “mountain”. (750 ml)

Wine Wine Wine


Our juices are as simply perfect as can be. They are simply juice, no added water nor sugar. This is a healthy antioxidant solution that will not require a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.

Red Muscadine juice - 750ml. $8.00
White Muscadine juice - 750ml. $8.00


Our artisan canned jams and jellies are produced in batches of only 12 to 18 pieces insuring the highest quality of taste and satisfaction.

Muscadine Jelly
Muscadine Pepper Jelly
MuscaShine Jelly
Dragging Canoe Wine Jelly
Sweetwater Wine Jelly
Muscadine Peach Jam
Muscadine Blackberry Jam


More Fare

Muscadine Eggplant Marinara 16oz.
Muscadine Salsa 16oz.
Muscadine Chow Chow 16oz.
Muscadine Sweet Onion Relish 16oz.
MuscaMary Mix 16oz.
Muscadine Apple Butter 8oz.
Muscadine Pumpkin Butter 8oz.
Sangria Wine Freeze

Tsali Notch Logo Merchandise:

Stemless etched tumbler
Etched Sparkling Flute
Caps (tan or wine).
Burlap Wine Bottle Bag
Burlap Gift Bag
Burlap Coasters

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